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Ireland’s waste management policy follows the EU waste hierarchy and includes measures for each of the five tiers: prevention, reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal. The policy is detailed in A Resource Opportunity, which outlines how Ireland will reduce its reliance on landfill by reducing waste while maximizing opportunities to recover resources from waste. In affiliation with Kollect we have secured some of the biggest recyclable waste collection services in Ireland servicing safe recycling in over 400 locations. The kollect.ie website provides the online booking form for Skip Hire, while the bigbin.ie project allows households to drop waste off at convenient Big bin locations across Ireland.

About Recycling List Ireland

Recycle list Ireland was a campaign to promote the implementation of personal and commercial waste recycling. Alongside Race Against Waste and a number of governmental and private investment firms began several awareness campaigns to promote the responsible recycling of waste resources in Ireland.

The incorporation of waste management education into the school curriculum, and in particular teaching children about the causes and consequences of waste disposal, as well as highlighting the importance of waste prevention, reuse, and recycling, is an efficient way to improve attitudes toward waste reuse and recycling.

Our History

Recycling is one of Ireland’s leading waste companies, established over a decade ago to meet rising demand. Our skip hire service has grown due to our commitment to customer service and the industry’s growth. The waste and recycling industry is changing dramatically. Waste collection and recycling companies are repositioning themselves in the growing circular economy.

In 2019, approximately 1.2 million tonnes worth of municipal waste from Ireland was recycled, which resulted in a recycling rate of 37%, which was lower than the recycling rate of 38% in 2018.

Our Vision

Private companies have helped find new ways to profit from rubbish. One is landfill mining and reclamation, which extracts and reprocesses materials from older landfills. To develop a smart economy, the Government has identified green enterprise as a priority sector for investment and job creation. Globally, governments are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

Education for the Environment, both in terms of awareness and decision-making. Education and awareness are both essential components in the process of producing values worthy of conservation.

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